Multiple Teams · Football Awards – Week 4 vs Jimtown

Week 4 vs. Jimtown


Offensive Line Player of The Game- Evan Dreibelbeis, had a very good game at Right Tackle, fired off the ball all night long and was a key part in the team rushing for over 150yds.


Offensive Back Player of The Game- Collin Barker, had 6 catches for 59yds and touchdown pass. Collin did a nice job all night running good routes and making himself a target.


Front 5 Defensive Player of The GameBlake Anderson, had 6 tackles on the night up front on defense. Blake played the whole game with great effort.



 Back 6 Defensive Player of The Game- Nate Yung, had another great game defensively of reading his keys and making plays for the defense.  He had a forced fumble that set the offense up with great field position.


Special Forces Player of The Game- Jacob Borton, he had 3 tackles and all 3 tackles were on special teams.  Jacob did a great job of staying in his lane and sprinting down to make the tackle.


Co-Dudes of The Week-Jake Morris, the coaching staff felt like Jake had an excellent week of practice, by giving effort, being engaged with his position and it carried over to the game on Friday.


Offensive Outstanding Player of The Game- Zach Neiswender, was 9 of 17 throwing for 82yds and 1 TD. He threw his first touchdown of his career and also rushed for 54yds.  Zach has done a good job of improving every week at the QB position.


Defensive Outstanding Player of The Game- Phil Marek, led the defense with 13 tackles and 3 of those tackles being for loss of yards.  He did a good job of coming up and filling the holes from his LB position as well as making plays all over the field.