Falcons News · July Return-to-Sports Information

The State of Indiana and the IHSAA is allowing high schools sports to resume starting Monday, July 6th.  The re-opening of athletics is very similar to the re-opening of the state in regards that we will be rolling this out in phases.

We at John Glenn High School working with our local and state health departments and administration team are establishing protocols and practices within the guidelines set forth by the State of Indiana.

REMINDER:  All practices in the summer prior to first “official” fall practices are VOLUNTARY.

The first step of returning back to sports is, of course, the paperwork that must be submitted prior to an athlete being allowed to practice starting July 6th, which is an IHSAA mandate and not a local rule.

We will be having a “Packet Pickup Day” on July 1st from 5:00pm to 7:30pm, drive-in style in the east side parking lot by the auxiliary gym entrance.  The packets picked up will contain the following documents:

  1.  IHSAA Physical Examination Form (if one is needed)
  2. IHSAA Health History Questionnaire & Consent/Release Certificate (in place of a new physical if one in place)
  3. JGSC Physical Examination Waiver

All other documents will be taken care of via our Eventlink Athlete Registration which will be released to the public very soon.  Check back for instructions.

All of these documents will need to be filled in, signed and returned upon arriving back to campus for practices on July 6th.  Although not all sports will be having sport specific practices, we will be running conditioning programs for all athletes and the paperwork will need to be filed prior to conditioning or practice.

Student athletes, in any grade level, who had an IHSAA physical examination completed and on-file dated after April 1st, 2019 will not be required to complete an updated physical for this school year ONLY IF they can answer NO to all questions on the required 2020 IHSAA Health History Update Questionnaire.  IF an athlete answers “Yes” to any of the seven questions and new IHSAA Physical Examination will need to be completed.  If you do need an update physical to be eligible for the 2020-21 school year, please plan ahead NOW!  Do not wait, please schedule an appointment with a doctor ASAP.

IHSAA Health Questionnaire Questions:  Since the last pre-participation physical examination has your son/daughter:

  1. Been medically advised not to participate in a sport?
  2. Been diagnosed with COVID-19?
  3. Sustained a concussion, been unconsious or lost memory from a blow to the head?
  4. Fainted or “blacked out”?
  5. Experienced chest pains, shortness of breath, “racing heart” or had any heart issues?
  6. Had a history of unusual fatigue or unusual tiredness?
  7. Been hospitalized or had surgery?

AGAIN, if you can answer NO to all seven of those questions you will not need an updated physical and would be required to turn in the completed IHSAA Questionnaire Consent and Release Form.  If you answer YES to any questions you will be required to turn in a new physical for the 2020-21 school year.

As we get closer to re-opening in July, we will be providing more specific information on our protocol and practices to make sure we do things safely and correctly.  Please consider some of the following information:

  1.  Phase 1 – July 6-19 there will be no locker room access.  Athletes are required to come dressed and ready to check-in and then practice, leaving immediately after practice ends.
  2. We will be doing mandatory symptom screenings daily of all staff and athletes.  If symptoms are identified the athlete or staff member will be released and return based on CDC and Indiana recommendations.
  3. All athletes will be tracked and will not be allowed to be on campus more than 15 hours per week during Phase 1.  Sports can have two practices a week, three hours maximum, on non-consecutive days.  Coaches will be releasing their practice dates soon.  We encourage all athletes to email their coaches, that information was shared in an earlier post on our website.
  4. Facemasks will be mandatory in situations where social distancing cannot be maintained.
  5. Athletes must bring personal hydration with the understanding that water bottles WILL NOT be shared.  There will be no access to public school drinking fountains or watering stations.
  6. We ask all athletes to shower after practices, wash clothes daily, and do not share any items with any other athletes.

Please share this information with others that may not have received it.  We look forward to getting back to work on the fields and the courts but it’s very important that we do things safely and correctly to keep the health and well-being of our staff, athletes, and community a top priority.  If you have any questions you can email your coach or Athletic Director, Eric Stephens at estephens@jgsc.k12.in.us.  Our administration has included a short informational video attached to this information for more information.




Forms Attached HERE!!!

JGSC Medical Waiver IHSAA-Release-form