Falcons News · Spectator Sportsmanship Expectations

Parents and Fans,

The John Glenn School Corporation and Athletic Department would like to extend everyone a reminder that in the spirit of sportsmanship, we ask that all fans and parents act responsibly and courteously to those around you. Abusive language or disorderly conduct is unacceptable and unwelcome at IHSAA and John Glenn home or away events. These types of displays and outbursts could lead to being asked to leave the facility.  Let’s afford the student-athletes, coaches, officials and your fellow fans the respect they deserve.

It may be intense, it may be emotional — but it’s only a game. The IHSAA and John Glenn Athletic Department reminds you of these sportsmanship tips. When an official makes a call, accept it. When a member of the opposing team makes a great play, applaud it. When an opponent extends a hand after the game, shake it. Play it cool. Practice sportsmanship.

Your cooperation is appreciated,

John Glenn High School Athletic Department