Girls Varsity Tennis · Girls Varsity Tennis falls to Plymouth 0 – 5

0 John Glenn High School
5 Plymouth High School
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Away Home
John Glenn High School vs Plymouth High School
0 5

#1 Singles- Kyla Heckaman (P) def. Hannah Dickinson (JG) 6-0, 6-1
#2 Singles- Miranda German (P) def. Abby Machnic (JG) 6-0, 6-2
#3 Singles- Aubrey Vervynckt (P) def. Emma Delinski (JG) 6-0, 6-0
#1 Doubles- Mary Beatty/Audie Plothow (P) def. Raegan Romer/Ashleigh Bolze (JG) 7-5, 6-0
#2 Doubles- Alaina Clady/Olve Stanton (P) def. Emma Romer/Olivia Vandall (JG) 6-2, 7-6 (4)

Junior Varsity- Plymouth 7- Glenn 6
#1 Singles- Alexa Orozco (P) def. Alex Flaharty (JG) 8-3
#2 Singles- Fernanda Cortes (P) def. Jillian Szweda (JG) 8-2
#3 Singles- Jessica Wilk (JG) def. Fransheska Cantero 9-8
#1 Doubles- Avery Christy/Sydni Weber (P) def. Jessica Yelaska/Allison Vandall (JG) 8-5
#2 Doubles- Kate Renneker/Kenzie Snyder (P) def. Klara Guseilla/Elisabeth Klinedinst (JG) 8-0
#3 Doubles- Jessica Johnson/ Makena Carmichael (P) def. Megan Kobelt/Hailey Harness (JG) 8-2
#4 Doubles- Sophia Smith/Erin Renneker (P) def. Grace Rice/Balie Szuba (JG) 8-0
#5 Doubles- Alexxa Howard/Corine Rhodes (P) def. Magali Saldana/Katharine Klinedinst (JG) 6-4
#6 Doubles- Alex Flaharty/Jill Szweda (JG) def. Jocelyn Draper/Lyndsey Price (P) 6-2
#7 Doubles- Klara Guseilla/Elisabeth Klinedinst (JG) def. Estrella Orozco/Audrey Yadon (P) 6-3
#8 Doubles- Jessica Yelaska/Allison Vandall (JG) def. Olivia Newcomb/Madison Figg (P) 6-0
#9 Doubles- Jessica Wilk/Megan Kobelt (JG) def. Ella Bottorff/Emma Warren (P) 6-0
#10 Doubles- Balie Szuba/Hailey Harness (JG) def. Dulce Vargas/Nadia Baca Arroyo (P) 6-0

For the first match of the season and the first of several of our squad, I saw a lot of positive things come out of this match against a very talented Plymouth squad. I am very proud of our girls for their efforts tonight and I see a lot of positives going forward. I thought we had solid groundstrokes and played in some competitive games, but unfortunately we came up short on some key match-altering points.